Kool Elevator Parts, Level Indicator

Kool Elevator Parts

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Kool Elevator Parts, Level Indicator

Part number: KP5005

Dimensions 1 Kool elevator parts


A = 155 mm
B = 45 mm
C = 75 mm

Safety switch, KEM 480U 4 poles 63-80A

Part number: KP5003

Ithe 100A
Ie/Ue 50/60Hz
415V- 690V

Kool / Sees, foldable safety barricade

Part number: KP7040

All kits come with
2 locks
1 shoulder strap

Kool Elevator Parts, door stopper

Part number: KP1092

Kool Elevator Parts doorstopper
with Kool Logo

Barricades. (own design possible)

Part number: ZZ7012

Barricades Own logo possible Every colour possible contact  us for the possibilities.