At Kool Elevator Parts, we are up to date on all the latest in the world of lifts. So, we know precisely what lift engineers and buyers of lift parts really want and need.

Competitive pricing
Clear ordering information
Personal contact

Kool Elevator Parts was founded with the aim of making these three elements a reality. All this with unparalleled quality, as a given.

Competitive pricing

At Kool Elevator Parts, we only have one price: the right price! And, you can be sure our prices will always be competitive.
Not just because we’d love to see you again, but also because quality doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive. It’s as simple as that.

Clear ordering information

Ordering the wrong lift parts is a regular problem and daily occurrence. This is because of the many minor differences in lift models and lift parts that are often not clearly indicated. At Kool Elevator Parts, every item comes with all the information you need – complete with dimensioning and clear perspective drawings – to get your order right first time every time.

Personal contact

Ordering on the website is the norm these days. But at Kool Elevator Parts, we still consider personal contact to be equally as important. Whether you’re a lift engineer trying to find a solution while you’re out on a visit, or a buyer and you just want to have a chat, feel free to contact us by phone. We’re waiting for your call!

The range at Kool Elevator Parts is increasing all the time, and our website is continually being updated. If you can’t see an item on the website, we may well have it in stock, or we will order it in for you for delivery in next to no time. Want to know more about Kool Elevator Parts? Please give us a ring!

A bit about us:

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Purchasing and sales
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Jan van Dam
Backoffice commercial assistant
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Piet Kool

Technical support
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Tomas van Zeijl
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