Kool / Sees, foldable safety barricade

Part number: KP7040

All kits come with
2 locks
1 shoulder strap

Kool / Sees, door wedge

Part number: KP1203


A = 100 mm
B = 25 mm
C = 25 mm

Kool Elevator Parts, door stopper

Part number: KP1092

Kool Elevator Parts doorstopper
with Kool Logo

Fermator, replacement kit 40/10 landing door

Part number: FE12014

Standard kit contains:

4 x FE2024 (Fermator, hanger roller)
4 x FE2062 (Fermator, counter roller excentric)
4 x FE1030 (Fermator, door guide)
1 x FE3014 (Fermator, door contact inc shunt)

Standard kit price : € 166,80 excl. VAT

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Kool Elevator Parts is the official distributor for SEES Inc., manufacturers and distributors of lift parts in North and South America.

Kool Elevator Parts is officieel distribiteur van SEES Inc.